Kito’s Pyramid Of Drinking Doom!

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Be the first to escape from Kito Runeseeker's Pyramid of Drinking Doom!

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***This is the digital download, print-at-home version of the game***

Board game spaces are not blurry in the actual product. 

For 2 – 6 players, Kito’s Pyramid of Drinking Doom is an adult-oriented party game which can easily be played as a non-drinking game if desired.


Kito Runeseeker, a powerful Blackcaster Mage, has trapped you and your companions at the bottom of a deadly pyramid. To escape you must work your way to the top, floor by floor, while collecting sips of beer in the hope of showering your companions with them once you exit the pyramid. Remember, not all exists are created equal. You could just as easily find yourself drinking the sips you collected instead of passing them out.

Rating – Basic

Needed To Play:

  • Printed version of the board game from this PDF. This means you will need to print the board from this PDF, yourself.
  • The rules – included with this purchase.
  • At least one 6-sided die – not included.
  • At least one friend – also not included.
  • Some form of counter to represent the players. Coins will do, as will any other small, unique items or you can download and print our free custom tokens.
  • Pen and paper so each player can keep track of their individual Drink Pot total.
  • Plenty of beer if you intend to play the game as a drinking game or pen and paper if you are playing for points instead.

PLEASE NOTE: This is the digital download version of the game. This means you will download one or more PDFs and have to print them out at home. 



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