About Us

Spilt Beer Games came about from the dozens upon dozens of drinking games that I have created since turning 21 far too long ago. During my heavy partying days I found that the commonly known drinking games quickly grew boring, and not just for me but for everyone I knew. There are only so many times a person can play the same couple of games without wanting something different, so that’s where I stepped in. I had an important motive for wanting to keep game-playing a part of the parties I attended – I never truly developed a taste for alcohol. Sure, I enjoyed the buzz like everyone else, but the journey to Buzzland was a long, tedious one where my taste buds made sure to let me know their displeasure at every sip. What I discovered was that when I was playing a drinking game, my mind was preoccupied with the fun of the game and, for the most part, ignored the taste of whatever I was drinking. Drinking games took me from the outer-edges of the party, into the center where all the action (and most importantly, the girls) were.

After introducing my first (very simplistic) board game at a party, I was hooked. The game was nothing more than trying to get from start to finish before anyone else – there were no cards and no strategy. Sure, there was a theme (medieval fantasy based setting) but it was still nothing more than roll the die, move your piece and do what the space you landed on, said. Even as basic as it was, everyone loved it. People played the game from the moment it was brought out until the party ended several hours later. The next weekend I was asked to bring the game to another party and it was a hit there as well. From that point forward, I tried to have a new game to bring to every party and before long I had a huge box full of poster-sized game boards, cards, dice and pages-upon-pages of rules. The games varied from simplistic, such as the game I described above, to far more complex with multiple decks of cards, characters with statistics, multiple types of dice and in some cases, even 3d props such as walls, stairs, cliffs, etc.

One of the most common questions I heard during those parties was “Can you make me a copy” and at first, I was excited to do so. When the games were nothing but a single board with no cards or special pieces, it was fairly easy for me to bust out my markers, grab a blank poster-board and do my best to duplicate the game. Once the games started to include decks of cards, I quickly realized I really didn’t want to have to re-draw 50 cards and then cut them all out by hand. By now I’m sure you have realized that this was before the typical home computer could be used to produce these items and print them out.

This leads us to the here-and-now. With the typical home computer and printer more than capable of printing what is needed, I decided it was time to release the games to the public-at-large. Aside from releasing newly tweaked versions of the games that were already created, we’re also working on new games of all sorts: card games, dice games, board games, token-bouncing games, and more. If adult-oriented party games are your thing, take a look around and keep checking back as you never know what we’ll release next.

The Drunken Admin – (aka: Eryk)



Buzz Club is the social area for our Spilt Beer Games friends! It is a place where you may create or update your profile and check out the various groups – perhaps even start your own! Within Buzz Club, you’ll be able to connect with other party-oriented people from around the world, and share your party pictures, videos and stories. (Note – all features may not be available at launch).

Feel free to invite all of your friends and take heed of the number 7 rule of Buzz Club: Always talk about Buzz Club! The more the merrier!

The Rules of Buzz Club:

Throughout the library of our games, this is one of the few places where we will be serious (forgive us but it’s important). Please pay attention to the following rules and apply them not just when playing our games, but any time you are drinking alcohol.

  1. NEVER drink more than you want to and NEVER to excess no matter what our games say, your friends say, your local bartender says or even that spooky voice which lives inside your head says.
  2. NEVER force anyone else to drink. Not a single drop. NEVER. This includes teasing, daring, goading, promising amazing sex, or any other form of pressure. Our games are made to have some adult-oriented fun with your buddies, not to cause anyone to feel uncomfortable, get sick, or worse. So just follow this basic rule: Don’t be an asshat.
  3. NEVER EVER drink and drive. Even if you believe you’re sober, if you’ve had more than a single drink over the last couple of hours, call a friend, call a parent, call a cab or sleep it off where ever you are. Drinking and driving is one of the easiest tragedies to avoid. Plan ahead: Have a designated driver or make sure to have cab fare in your pocket. We cannot stress this enough: Don’t ever drink and drive!
  4. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, and we mean NEVER, play our games with anything more potent than beer. We have over 20 years of experience in the fine art of drinking and gaming. Mixing games like ours with anything stronger than beer is not only stupid, it can be dangerous or even deadly. If you want to drink alcohol and play, please stick with beer and like we said in Rule 1, never drink more than you want to. Make sure to quit when you feel you’ve had enough even if the game is still going on.
  5. Per the rules of our games, taking a sip (or drink) is really and truly equal to just taking a sip. We aren’t talking gulps, chugs, or super-sips. There will be plenty of sips going around to make the games exciting and challenging. It’s more fun to take it slow and play multiple games over the course of the evening then it is to break the rules, chug-a-lug, and spend the rest of the night passed out (or leaving a tribute at the porcelain shrine).
  6. If you can cheat (with the exception of the rules above), go for it! With all of our party games, unless specifically noted, cheating in good fun is not only allowed, it’s encouraged. The basic rule of cheating (yes, as counter-intuitive as it may seem, we have a rule for how to cheat) is that if you can cheat without getting caught before the next player takes a turn, then the cheating has succeeded and cannot be overruled or penalized. The only time when cheating is not allowed is if any player had to leave the gaming table for any reason. If you cheat when any player(s) are not at the table, it can be overruled at any time. Please Note: Cheating does come with a warning – every group of friends has that one friend, or friend of a friend, who will not understand the cheating rule and will get really upset if they catch someone cheating. Make sure to work this rule out with all players before starting a game. If even one player doesn’t want to allow cheating, then it’s best not to allow cheating. No one wants an argument or a fight over a game. So work this rule out ahead of time and, if possible, when all players are still sober.
  7. The Number 7 rule of Buzz club is to ALWAYS talk about Buzz Club. Spread the word, the more the merrier! 🙂

So remember – play our games responsibly and you and your friends will have many fun-filled nights of gaming ahead of you.

DISCLAIMER: No one associated with any of our games or products – be it Spilt Beer Games, our distributors,  spokesperson, game designers, etc – can be held responsible for anything that may come from the use of any of our games, products or information found on our website. By using our games, products, and website, you take full responsibility for your own actions and any outcome. We do not condone the over-consumption of alcohol and wish to remind you that our games are meant to be played by mature adults of legal drinking age who pace themselves as to avoid the dangers associated with drinking alcohol.